Hydro Excavating - Low Impact & Cost-Efficient Service Repair: Curb stops and other services located in the roadway are damaged over time and need to be repaired to remain functional.  Repairing these services can be very disruptive and expensive with conventional digging equipment.  With our hydro excavators, we can cost-effectively repair valve boxes with a very small footprint and often in just a few hours.  Our hydro excavation service is also valuable for pot holing and excavating carefully around areas with many different buried services in close proximity that you don’t want to damage with a bucket.




Drain Inlet (DI) & Manhole Repairs: Catch Basin Drain Inlets (DI) are known to deteriorate from water damage and require repairs to remain functional and in compliance with storm water regulations.  Manholes are also prone to similar water and roadway use damage and can be the source of massive infiltration if they are damaged and letting in rain during storm events causing overflows at treatment plants.  VTUMS has the equipment and experience to perform these repairs cost-effectively.  




Test Pits and Excavations: One of the first steps to designing a septic system or stormwater pond involves digging test pits for the designer to view the soils where the system will be sited.  It can be tricky for designers to get larger contractors to do a smaller job like this.  VTUMS has the staff and equipment to get out to the site quickly and get the job done.  We can also help with driveway repairs and flood damage to access areas like the mine access below that was blocked by fallen rocks after a massive rain event.



Vactoring, Jetting & High Pressure Washing Structures, Pipes, Culverts and More: Imagine if you had a huge truck that had an amazingly powerful vacuum with high pressure wand and jetting hose clean up the biggest messes in areas up to 300 feet deep or long.  That is the amazing power of a combination sewer truck.  VTUMS has two of these powerful trucks.  One smaller truck, the Vactor 2103, for smaller projects and tight spaces and a 10 yard big boy, the Aquatech B-10, for the larger spaces and bigger volumes.  These machines are capable of Hydro Excavating, Potholing, Valve Box Repairs & Cleaning, Catch Basin Cleaning & Line Jetting, Culvert Jetting

Sewer line Jetting, Manhole Vactoring, and so much more.  With some of more interesting projects, the vactor trucks were cleaning out a sediment filled stormwater pond and wells that are blocked with zogeal mass.